HorrorHound Weekend: Signing This Weekend

Samhain HorrorHound Sept 2013

Hey, Friends! If you’re within a hundred miles of Indianapolis this Friday or Saturday, might I suggest dropping by the amazing HorrorHound Weekend convention?


Not only could you meet Freddy Krueger, but you could meet the following actor:


Or this actress…


Or this The Walking Dead cast member…


Or this luminous Twin Peaks star…



And as if that weren’t enough, there are going to be SEVEN Samhain Horror authors signing at the Samhain Horror booth! (I guess it was self-evident we’d be signing at the Samhain booth, huh? I mean, where were we going to be signing? The restroom? The parking lot? Perhaps with Vivica A. Fox in her booth…? Kidding, Wifey!)

John Everson. Russell James. Brian Moreland. Mick Ridgewell. Kristopher Rufty. David Searls.

And me.

Yep, if you show up at the Samhain Booth, I’ll sign your book, your life-sized cardboard cutout of me, or your Jonathan Janz bobble-head doll™.

I’d love to see you all there. And if you come, I’ll be the one without chains or mascara on. Just look for the bobble-head collection.



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