Bookgasm and Wag the Fox Take on SAVAGE SPECIES

Hey, Friends. In an ecstasy of playing with my kids and editing here, so I’ll make it short:

Two new reviews. Bookgasm reviewed Savage Species (the entire novel). Wag the Fox reviewed Night Terrors (the free first section of Savage Species. Here a couple excerpts:

“This is for the fans. And, for us fans, it’s a welcome reminder that stupid horror fun can be done with a great deal of intelligence and wit.” —Bookgasm

On Sale Now!
On Sale Now!

“The guy never met a sentence that he didn’t find a way to goose. There’s a real delight in the writing that complements his obvious delight in the familiar tropes and tricks of the story.” —Bookgasm

“I’m tempted to liken “Night Terrors” to one of those classic free-for-all horror movies from the 80s, but with the cliffhanger ending and four more installments to go, this is more akin to those nightmarish TV mini-series from the 70s, like Salem’s Lot.” –Wag the Fox

“The monsters he has invented are legion and they are vicious. Have the fun is reading along as Janz reveals them chapter by chapter until the end when they’re seen in all their gruesome glory. It’s a wonder there are any characters left standing to fight against them by the time “Night Terrors” comes to an end. Bring on part two: ‘The Children.'” —Wag the Fox

FREE, folks. At least check it out. Let it hypnotize you. Let it put you under its spell...

The full reviews are linked above. I’d love for all of you to check out Savage Species. If you’re still on the fence, why not download the free first installment (Night Terrors) to see if it’s to your, um…taste?

Back to playing with the kids. And editing.



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