SAVAGE SPECIES Audiobook, Pod of Horror Interview, Reviews…and the Prelude to Tuesday’s Big Announcement

Busy times here at the Janz Ranch. It’s actually not the Janz Ranch since Janz is just a pen name, but the fact remains that we’re terribly busy ’round here. I’m applying the final polishes to Castle of Sorrows, which is due to my editor on Halloween; we’re celebrating the brand-new edition of Pod of Horror, on which I’m interviewed; I’m gearing up for a big announcement on Tuesday night (October 29th), one for which I hope y’all will show up; I’m preparing to continue work on my YA novel and to begin work on my next Samhain Horror novel (one I think you’re gonna love); and lastly, we’re cranking up in preparation for the release of my first ever audiobook!

Moreland, James, Everson, Rufty, and Me
Moreland, James, Everson, Rufty, and Me

Mark Justice is just about to release Pod of Horror #70, which features me and the awesome Bev Vincent, who’s one of the world’s foremost experts on Stephen King. In POH #70, Mark Justice and I talk about Savage Species, Richard Laymon, Michael Jordan, The Green Mile, and my upcoming projects. I’ll post the link tomorrow or Sunday.

On Halloween, Audio Realms will release the first installment of Savage Species (Night Terrors) for only $1.99. The other four installments will be releasing serial-style over the next month or two, but on Halloween you audiobook lovers can experience the tale that’s garnered a humbling amount of praise since its initial release in June.

I got to listen to a sample of Night Terrors a couple weeks ago, and I’ve got to tell you…

Just like writers, the folks who read audiobooks vary in quality. I am so incredibly thankful for the gentleman who read my novel—the guy has a strong, growly, expressive, wry style that’s just perfect for Savage Species. He gets into it without rendering the story ridiculous. He has fun without drawing attention away from the characters. In short, he kicks serious butt, and I think you’re gonna love his delivery.

Subterranean Terror
Subterranean Terror

In more good news, the second installment of Savage Species (The Children) received two more very positive reviews over the past week or so. The first was from The Curse Blog, and you can read it right here. The second came courtesy of Long and Short Reviews and was published just today.

Additionally, Long and Short Reviews also shared some thoughts on Dark Zone, which you can read here.

HorrorHound Indy 04
Me, Moreland, and Everson

I also blogged on the Samhain Horror site recently and posted some pics from the recent HorrorHound Indy convention.

And as if all of that weren’t enough, as I alluded to above, I want to invite you all back to this blog for a big announcement on Tuesday night (October 29th). No, House of Skin isn’t yet being made into a movie, nor have I been invited by J.K. Rowling to co-write the eighth Harry Potter book. But it is exciting news, and I think you’ll be glad you stopped by.

That’s all for now, folks. I’ve gotta go polish Castle of Sorrows

One thought on “SAVAGE SPECIES Audiobook, Pod of Horror Interview, Reviews…and the Prelude to Tuesday’s Big Announcement

  1. Congrats on all this wonderful news! Because I haven’t yet ordered Savage Species, I might go with the audio book option. You make it sound very appealing, and I’m hoping to take up an audi book / treadmill habit in November.

    I’ll be sure to watch for your Tuesday news. I am curious 🙂


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