Pod of Horror is BACK (featuring interviews with Bev Vincent and Me!)

Hey, friends. You guys know by now what a complete and utter cheeseball I am. I’m an unabashed fan of books, as well as a writer of them, and I’m not skilled at feigning aloofness when talking about the stuff I love to read.  Which explains why I sound like a blathering lunatic on the podcast you’re about to hear.



If you’ve followed the horror genre for any length of time at all, you’ve no doubt heard of the awesome Pod of Horror podcast, which is the terrifying brainchild of writer/radio host/editor Mark Justice. I’ve listened to some of the biggest names in horror talk with Mark on Pod of Horror, including Mr. Joe R. Lansdale, one of the best writers in the known universe. So you can probably imagine how excited I was to be featured on the show.

On Sale Now!
On Sale Now!

Before I post the link to the show, let me say these three things:

1. I’m deeply grateful to Mark for having me on. He has an awesome radio voice, an extremely skillful interviewing style, and a fantastic mind for the genre. We’re lucky to have him.

2. It’s also an honor to share the show with Bev Vincent, one of the foremost Stephen King experts in the world. And as I peruse my bookshelves…yep, there’s a Bev Vincent book right there. Pretty awesome.

3. A goodly portion of my segment is devoted to Mark’s and my shared affinity for the books of Richard Laymon. If you’re a Laymon fan, I suspect you’ll enjoy the interview.

We miss you, Mr. Laymon.
We miss you, Mr. Laymon.

So here it is—Pod of Horror #70, featuring Yours Truly. And Mom, just in case you want to skip to the part where I babble, my portion begins at the twenty-four-minute mark.

Oh, and please remember to come back on Tuesday, everyone. There’s a fun and exciting announcement coming some time that night…


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