The Storm before the Storm (with Writing Updates)

Hey friends. We’re in a blizzard here at the Janz Ranch. No one’s vomited for a good while now, so hopefully we can enjoy the white-out in peace.

A few updates:

1. I wrote a novella over Winter Break. It’s something I can’t announce yet, but boy, am I pumped about it. Sometimes you hear about stories writing themselves? Yeah, I get tired of hearing that too. But this one did. And there are some amazing things about the way this novella…no, can’t let it out yet. But soon, friends. Very soon.

The Devils Are Coming
The Devils Are Coming

2. DUST DEVILS launches in a month. It’s my first western and my first outright vampire story. And I love it. And I can’t wait for you to read it. It’s brisk (my shortest novel to date), fearsome (including some shocking bursts of violence), but also very heartfelt (with at least three relationships I’m really proud of). It’s one of my favorites among my own work.

3. SAVAGE SPECIES, the audiobook version, is almost ready. I can’t wait for you to hear Randy Hames’s interpretation. A perfect voice for this story.

Listen to the terror...
Listen to the terror…

4. Downton Abbey begins in America tonight. And I will rejoice. If the writers do anything cruel to the British Job Mr. Bates this season, I might have to book a transatlantic flight to have a talk with them. Bates and Anna deserve some time together. Some children. Maybe take in a show or two.

That’s all for now. If I get time today or tomorrow I’ll post some snowy reading recommendations.

For now, I’ve got some serious editing to do. And maybe a little writing.

"At least we'll get to spend the next thirty seconds together in peace and happiness--that's more than we've had in three seasons!"
“At least we’ll get to spend the next thirty seconds together in peace and happiness–that’s more than we’ve had in three seasons!”

4 thoughts on “The Storm before the Storm (with Writing Updates)

  1. Can’t wait for DD, man! And this novella has me intrigued…more so than your admission to watching Downton Abbey! 😉


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