FOUR Chilling Reads for a Snowy Night

Unoriginal post title, I know, but hey, I’ve got a lot of things going at the moment and didn’t feel like thinking up anything witty. So without further preamble, here you go—three FOUR stories to read over the next month whenever you find yourself snowed in…

1. Tim Lebbon’s WHITE


One of the best novellas I’ve ever read (Lebbon’s actually written two of my favorite novellas, the other one an amazing story called NAMING OF PARTS), WHITE is the kind of story that’s so good it makes other authors jealous. And terrified. And very, very cold in the best possible way. I wrote the following blog post about WHITE already, in case you’re not yet convinced you should read it.

2. Dan Simmons’s THE TERROR


This one might take you awhile, but I assure you the time investment is worth it. It’s epic in every sense of the word. If I were creating a list of top ten reads of the new millennium, this one would make the cut. Easily.

3. Brian Moreland’s DEAD OF WINTER


Brian is a friend and a fellow Samhain writer. He also happens to be a masterful storyteller. DEAD OF WINTER is dark, textured, and impeccably researched. Check it out and get lost in Moreland’s eerie story.

*NOTE: I’m an idiot and forgot an obvious but awesome book, which stretched this list to…

4. Ron Malfi’s SNOW


I forgot this one because I read it a good while back, but it absolutely deserves to be mentioned among the above company. Malfi is extremely versatile, and this book feels very different from his others. But there is one common denominator, however—it’s excellent. Check out SNOW for a deliciously bloodchilling yarn.

So there you have it. Have a good night, friends. And stay cozy.

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