Some Things You Might Not Know That I Love: Part Three

9 thoughts on “Some Things You Might Not Know That I Love: Part Three

  1. I knew most of those. 😉 Ramsey Campbell is amazing. I recently found a hardback of his from the 70s at a used book store with a foreward about him. Really cool.

    Have a great day!


    1. That’s awesome! What book was it? One of my favorites is THE FACE THAT MUST DIE. The intro to that one is as harrowing as any horror novel I’ve ever read.

      You have a great day too, Erin!


  2. Yep, The Face that Must Die….the black and red cover version with the intro. His own life is a tale of its own, isn’t it? He’s one of the best writers, you know one of those that gets into your psyche and takes root.


  3. i’m there with you on Jaws, pizza, and Metallica. Haven’t read Campbell yet. But 500 days of summer…depressed me. Even though I love Gordon-Levitt and Zooey.
    GIve me a Campbell book I should start with. ALso, teh first four Metallica albums are all amazing.


    1. My wife felt the same way about (500) Days of Summer. I can definitely see how you two would have that reaction…but for me, man, the movie really worked.

      With Campbell, I’d start with The Doll Who Ate His Mother, The Face That Must Die, or The Parasite. Many of his others are phenomenal too, but those are the ones I’m most partial to since they were my first Ramsey Campbell reads. Something tells me you’ll really love his work…


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