New Giveaway of SAVAGE SPECIES at Ravenous Reads

Howdy! Kids are in the bath. Gotta type fast. Don’t worry—they’re not in any danger. Unless pruning is a major health risk.

I actually have three quick things to share with you:

1. The main point of the post is to bring to your attention a new giveaway of a signed paperback version of SAVAGE SPECIES going on right now at Ravenous Reads (courtesy of the awesome Nikki Howard). Enter today to win a free book!

Experience the Terror (for free!)
Experience the Terror (for free!)

2. I got my copies of DUST DEVILS today. They look amazing. The cover kicks booty to begin with, but when you see that cover art in person…man, it’s fantastic. Angela Waters is a glorious beast of cover design. 

3. Speaking of my new novel, DUST DEVILS (my vampire western) releases in two weeks. As I said here yesterday, the first review of DUST DEVILS was a rave, and I’m really excited to see how others respond to this one.

The Devils Are Coming (in Fourteen Days!)
The Devils Are Coming (in Fourteen Days!)

Okay. Time to go. The kids aren’t pruned, but the bathroom looks like a fire hydrant exploded. I don’t know how my kids manage to finish with more water out of the tub than it it, but it’s a skill at which they excel.

Have a good night, friends!

My bathroom post-bath
My bathroom post-bath

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