Wag the Fox Enters the DARK ZONE

Hey, friends! We’re buckling down here for another wave of severe weather. My son is next to me on his iPad pretending I didn’t just tell him to turn it off. He figures since tomorrow has already been declared a snow day, he doesn’t really need to take my orders literally. Or that they’re soft orders. You know, suggestions. But at least the program he’s in allows him to build houses. He’s currently designing a beachfront mansion for his mother and me, complete with a lava waterfall and a towering staircase leading to a floating platform without any rails or supports. And while the safety monitor in me blanches at the innate hazards of such a construction, I do have to say…I’ve wanted my own lavafall ever since I glimpsed Syndrome’s in The Incredibles.


Gef Fox at his very cool Wag the Fox blog spot reviewed the third installment of SAVAGE SPECIES (DARK ZONE). Here’s what he had to say…

As far the action goes, it’s intense. The claustrophobic caverns come through loud and clear. The Children are just nuts. And it looks like there might be something even worse in those caverns with Jesse and the gang, and it was hard to imagine how things could get worse for them. Fortunately, that’s Jonathan Janz’s job, imagining ways for things to get worse, and he does it well.”

Subterranean Terror
Subterranean Terror

The full review is right here.

Have a great night, friends, and stay warm. Maybe with your own lavafall.

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