Shattered Ravings on DUST DEVILS: “This showcases Janz’s talent as a master storyteller”

Howdy, pardners! Good of y’all to stop by the Janz Cyber-Ranch for some whiskey and—ah, I can’t do it. I know a gimmick is tired when I annoy myself with it. And while I typed the above opening, I very nearly walked away from the keyboard.


So I’m blogging tonight for two reasons. One, I want you to know that my next novel hits shelves (both virtual and physical) in six days. It’s a vampire western called DUST DEVILS, hence the nauseating western salutation above. I’m still shivering about that one, by the way.

Vampire Terror
Vampire Terror

My second purpose, however, is to direct you to this review, courtesy of Matthew Scott Baker and his super Shattered Ravings review blog. By my count this is the third official review of DUST DEVILS, and like the first two (from Dreadful Tales and Horror Novel Reviews), this one is glowing. A couple highlights:

“Just when I thought vampires were no longer scary, Samhain Publishing and author Jonathan Janz decide to prove me wrong! That’s right…you heard me. Janz’s latest novel, DUST DEVILS, reignites the terror-fueled horror sub-genre that for many decades held readers and movie-goers in the grip of fear.”


“This showcases Janz’s talent as a master storyteller, and it also gives us a glimpse at how diverse his ideas can be.”

So if you haven’t preordered DUST DEVILS yet, what are you waiting for? Maybe you want to purchase the book on its release date, February 4th. Or maybe you’re still so disenchanted with vampires that you’re waffling about whether you should purchase the book or not. To which I’d ask, “Is it my fault that sparkly, angsty vampires have become so prevalent over the past couple decades?” I’d also remind the jaded disillusioned former vampire fan to remember George R.R. Martin’s fabulous Fevre Dream, Ray Garton’s electrifying Live Girls, Richard Matheson’s terrifying I Am Legend, and Stephen King’s classic ‘Salem’s Lot. I could go on and on about all the great vampire books out there, but I’ll save those thoughts for later blog posts. After all, we’ll have the rest of winter and spring to talk about DUST DEVILS, won’t we? WON’T WE?

Have a great night’s sleep, folks. I hope I can give you a nightmare or two next week.

A Vampire Gem
A Vampire Gem

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