2014 Appearances: Part One

Hey, friends! Can’t you tell how happy I am to see you? Didn’t the exclamation point at the end of the salutation fill you with a sense of warmth and adoration? If not…what do you want from me? A hash tag? An umlaut? A SCHWA? Well I don’t just hand out schwas to anyone who shows up at my blog, darn it, you have to EARN a schwa from me!


One of my unstated (until now) goals is to attend more and more conventions each year. In 2012 (my first year as a published novelist), I attended two. Last year I attended…well, two. But I meant to attend three, and that counts for something doesn’t it? Or are you still mad about the schwa thing?

So this year, to both accomplish my goal and to compensate for last year’s plateau, I’m planning on going to at least FOUR conventions. *puffs out chest and struts like Borat…”King in the castle, King in the castle, I have a chair”…*

boratI can’t talk about two of them yet because they’re not confirmed. The first, however, will be on Thursday, March 13th at the Public Library Association Conference in Indianapolis. I’ll be signing books from 2:00 until whenever they forcibly eject me from my chair.


The second will be eight days later at HorrorHound Cincinnati. I’ll be signing books and hanging out with fans from 7-to-10 on Friday night and from 10-until-1 on Saturday morning/early afternoon. There’ll also be some no-names there like Bruce Campbell and the cast of The Walking Dead, so once you’ve met me, you can grab some of their autographs.

I’ll post more updates as I get them, including something fun that’ll happen this summer. But for now, I better go. My next deadline is the end of April, and I’ve got some big scenes to write. This one’s gonna be fun…

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