HorrorHound Cincinnati: Bruce Campbell, The Walking Dead, and Me

Ready to play the rapid-fire lightning round blog post game?

Scott Wilson--He and I Will Be Chilling This Weekend
Scott Wilson–He and I Will Be Chilling This Weekend

1. Deadline looming, stress rising, blog posts suffering. It’s okay though. It’s the kind of stress I want.

2. Heading to HorrorHound Cincinnati tomorrow night. I’ll be signing copies of my new vampire western DUST DEVILS as well as other novels at the Samhain Horror booth from 7-to-10 Friday and from 10 (AM)-to-1 on Saturday.

3. If I’m not reason enough to come, you should still stop by to see Tim Waggoner, Hunter Shea, Mick Ridgewell, David Searls, Russell James, and Kristopher Rufty.

4. If you’re still not sold, how about Bruce Campbell and about half the cast of The Walking Dead?

Bruce Campbell
Bruce Campbell

5. I got some fantastic news today about an upcoming event. I’ll be sharing this with you next week.

6. I’ll be bringing my family to Cincy for HorrorHound. Are my three children (8, 6, and 3) ready? Is my wife? Stay tuned…

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