Horror Novel Reviews Gives “The Clearing of Travis Coble” Five Stars!

Hey, friends. In a deadline month, so gotta be brief. Reviewer Joe Hempel, whose thoughts are featured on both Horror Novel Reviews and Top of the Heap Reviews, just published a new five-star review of my novelette “The Clearing of Travis Coble.” Here’s how the review opens…

“The Clearing of Travis Coble is an exercise in excellence when it comes to short story telling. Jonathan Janz manages yet again, to create believable, yet terrifying, characters, and stunning, yet terrifying locations.”

You can read the entire, excellent review right here.

And if you haven’t picked up “The Clearing of Travis Coble” yet, the terror awaits you here.

Available now from Untreed Reads
Available now from Untreed Reads

Have a great night, friends. My kids and I just dropped off a wife-made cake for my grandpa, who turned 89 today. Now I’m gonna go hang with the kids, then the wife, then the current manuscript. And maybe call grandpa one more time before bed.

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