Book Review of Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz

New and very cool Samhain Horror author reviewed DUST DEVILS on his blog. Here’s what he had to say…


Scary Funny

Courtesy: Samhain Publishing Courtesy: Samhain Publishing

Jonathan Janz has a way with words (sometimes requiring me to grab a dictionary), but that’s okay! His story, Dust Devils, set in New Mexico in the 1880s, chronicles the journey of Cody, a vengeful young man whose wife is slaughtered by a troupe of vampires masquerading as actors.

Thank God Janz subscribes to the notion that vampires are evil creatures that torment and murder without remorse. Teenage girls looking for forlorn, pasty-skinned vampires who’ve never had a pimple and who attend high school to blend in will find no sanctuary here.

It would be simplistic and a disservice to say Dust Devils, released earlier this year by Samhain Horror, is a tale of one man seeking revenge on those who wronged him. It’s a story that touches on the definition of masculinity in a harsh world (harsh to Cody even before the vampires entered…

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2 thoughts on “Book Review of Dust Devils by Jonathan Janz

    1. Okay, full disclosure. Though I’ve probably read twenty-five Laymon books and am heavily (and proudly) influenced by his work, I’ve never read TVS. I have it and plan to read it, but I haven’t read it yet. But your saying that makes me want to bump it up my TBR pile.


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