Fifteen Episodes into BREAKING BAD and…

…it’s even better than the hype. It’s not a pleasant viewing experience. It’s not uplifting or escapist. In fact, my jaws are clenched pretty much from beginning to end.

But it’s the best written television show I’ve ever seen. I mean, Seinfeld was brilliant in a different way, but that’s like comparing Jaws to The Big Lebowsi. The two belong in different solar systems.


Each episode my breath is stolen by something different:

–Bryan Cranston’s astonishing acting (like when he tells off an ex-girlfriend in a restaurant and packs more emotion into a famous two-word sentence than any actor ever has)

–A stunning plot twist (like when a tortoise goes meandering across the desert whilst loaded with a very atypical object and then…)

Perfect Casting
Perfect Casting

–A fascinating bit of direction (like a perfectly chosen overhead shot when an old man in a wheelchair decides to provide a surprising answer to a DEA agent’s question)

–An acrobatic feat of editing (like an excruciating cross-cutting sequence between the wonderful Dean Norris and his bloody standoff with a mad dog drug lord and the shocked/horrified reactions of Jesse and Walt)

Okay, if I’m being honest, I notice all of the above elements and more every week. Each episode is a masterclass of storytelling. I’ve learned more watching BREAKING BAD than perhaps any other television show. So while on one level I’m mesmerized by the show, I’m marveling at the writing on another.

Deserves to Have His Own Show
Deserves to Have His Own Show

Gotta get back to editing now. A deadline is looming. Have a good night, friends.

4 thoughts on “Fifteen Episodes into BREAKING BAD and…

  1. Breaking Bad is one of the best shows ever. And one of the few with a finale that lives up to the rest of the show. The last few episodes are some of the most tense and gripping I’ve ever seen. God, I love that show. – SAY MY NAME.


    1. Man, that’s awesome to hear, Jack. I am pumped about watching the rest of the series. Though I don’t know the context, the “Say my name” line has the makings of an awesome vengeance moment, particularly when delivered by an actor like Bryan Cranston. I can’t wait!


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