A New Novel


I just got done doing the final, final polishes on my January 2015 novel THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and sending it off to Don D’Auria at Samhain Horror and my agent Louise Fury. It’s a book I’m really proud of and quite different than anything I’ve done before. I’m a huge fan of Joe R. Lansdale, and for the first time I really saw his influence in my writing, which is a really good thing.

Joe R. Lansdale. I love his books.
Joe R. Lansdale. I love his books.

I’ll talk more about THE NIGHTMARE GIRL soon, but for now…

I’m getting ready to begin a brand-new novel. That’s a beautiful, exciting, terrifying feeling. Truth is, there are four projects I really want to write, and that’s not even taking into account the sequels I’d like to do for SAVAGE SPECIES and HOUSE OF SKIN. But of the four projects I’ve got percolating in my mind, I’m only going to choose one, at least for the next couple weeks. I also reserve the right to work on two at once, which I did last summer with both CASTLE OF SORROWS and BLOODSHOT: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS.

Cheesy Picture of Me
Cheesy Picture of Me

But there’s one that’s elbowing its way to the front of the line, so much so that…I might…have…to…

Yep. It’s time to write. Talk to you all soon!

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