SAVAGE SPECIES Audiobook Available NOW!

Hola. The audiobook version of SAVAGE SPECIES isn’t yet available on, but it is available at the following link—and it’s only $9.99! The narrator (Randy Hames) really rocks the narrative, adding a textured, nuanced flavor to what I humbly consider to be an already solid tale. Here’s the cover:

Listen to the terror...
Listen to the terror…

And you can listen to a free sample right here, which is the same link I posted above, but since I wanted to make it easier for you to click the link, I included it here again. Because I’m all about my fans, you know? I don’t want you to waste your time scrolling and searching and clicking. I want you to be reading. And enjoying. And quailing. And quivering. And then hating me because I’ve rendered you unable to sleep at night. Because I’m just that type of guy. Love you!

Happy listening…

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