A Review and a Thought about Animals

Review: Gef Fox takes on SAVAGE SPECIES: PART FOUR (THE ARENA) right here. I always love to hear Gef’s insights, and this is no exception.

There's no escaping...
There’s no escaping…

Thought: Two friends of mine—one a close friend I get to hang out with about once a month, the other a cyberfriend with whom I’ll get to hang out this summer at a huge event I’ll talk about next week—lost beloved pets this week. These animals were and are very important to my friends. It’s heartening to me that folks seem to be growing more aware of how awesome animals can be and how much they can bless us with their hearts and personalities. But I think we can still do a better job of understanding and being sensitive to the profound roles these animals play in our lives.

I had a two cats growing up, and those two cats meant the world to me. The death of my dog (run over when I was five) was one of the most traumatic events of my childhood. We have a new puppy in the house now, and his influence is already being demonstrated in my kids. They’re thinking outside of themselves more often. They’re considering the impact their choices have on the puppy. And that’s a very good thing.

Our Weasley
Our Weasley


So if you’re an animal lover, keep being one. They give us so much love…the least we can do is love them back and do our best to take care of them. And if you don’t love animals, at least be kind-hearted enough to realize that others do, and when those animals pass away, the pain their owners feel is as real as any other kind of grief.

That’s all. Have a great day.

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