CASTLE OF SORROWS Arrives (at My House)

It’s always exciting to receive a box full of books; it’s especially exciting when those books are yours. And by yours I mean mine. Because tonight it’s all about me. And our neighbor, who brought over some desserts for us because that’s just how she rolls. My wife is a master dessert-maker, too, so don’t think I’m putting down her baking skills. Because she, well, she’s really awesome at baking those—

How did I get on this subject anyway?

Back to me and my new book.

My six-year-old daughter comes in with a box that weighs more than she does and thrusts it into my hands. I already know what it is, so together she and I dig into it like a couple of gluten-free fanatics digging into some gluten-free food stuffs. Okay, that sucked spectacularly, but at least I avoided the kids-on-Christmas-morning cliché, right? Maybe? Please?

The Return of Gabriel
The Return of Gabriel

So CASTLE OF SORROWS comes out in less than a month. It’s my darkest novel yet. My longest too. And my first sequel. I’ll be signing copies of it at Scares That Care. And you can pre-order it now.

So that’s enough of that. I need to get to sleep soon (translation: by one A.M. because of my perpetual insomnia), so I better wrap this up. Have a good night, friends, and I hope you get some baked goods from someone special. And I hope they’re gluten-free, if you’re into that. And if you’re not, I hope they’re nothing but gluten. Like gluten pie. Or Snickerglutens.

Peace. Regardless of your stance on the explosive issue of gluten. Can’t we all just get along?


One thought on “CASTLE OF SORROWS Arrives (at My House)

  1. Personally, I love gluten. I buy the shaker jar of gluten ad sprinkle it on everything like parmesan cheese. Oh, and I wear a nifty T-shirt that says, Gluten Is Good.

    Oh yeah…can’t wait to get Castle of Sorrows! 😉


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