My Williamsburg Book Supply and a Word about Authenticity

In addition to a couple of paperbacks I’m bringing to next week’s SCARES THAT CARE convention in the hopes that Brian Keene and Jack Ketchum sign them for me, I’m going to be packing these babies as well:


In case you can’t read all the titles, they are THE SORROWS, HOUSE OF SKIN, THE DARKEST LULLABY, SAVAGE SPECIES, DUST DEVILS, and CASTLE OF SORROWS. The below low angle shot makes them look even more imposing…


And as if that weren’t enough, here’s one more shot of the seventy-five book cache for your viewing enjoyment:


The above books are my six Samhain horror novels. I wrote another novel called BLOODSHOT: KINGDOM OF SHADOWS, but it’s only available digitally (at present). I’ve also written several novellas that are also not (yet) in print, including a new one whose cover I’ll be revealing in a couple days. These pictures were all taken in my writing room, which is also a library, which we also call The Lodge, which also looks out on a beautiful magnolia tree.

Moving on.

The other thing I want to say before I get back to my work-in-progress is this: I know I sound a bit hyper sometimes on here (not that any of you have complained, at least to me), but please know a couple things. Firstly, I don’t have an inferiority complex. I’m not fishing for compliments or hoping anyone pipes up with some sensitive reassurance about how, doggonit, I’m a good writer too! Secondly, even though I am very proud of my work, I haven’t lost—nor do I suspect I’ll ever lose—a childlike enthusiasm for the work of people from whom I’ve learned and continue to learn. My respect for Jack Ketchum is real. My excitement about meeting and talking to Brian Keene is authentic. Those things might be self-evident, but I’ll say them anyway. I want to have a long, successful career. But I refuse to act jaded or entitled or anything other than what I am—grateful and elated and determined.

Enough. Back to writing. Have a beautiful Thursday.

8 thoughts on “My Williamsburg Book Supply and a Word about Authenticity

  1. I really wish I could make this event, Jonathan! Looks, frickin’ awesome. Wee bit of a trip from California though. Bummer. I hope you have a great time. I am pretty jealous.


    1. California? I think you can be excused for not making this one, Bill. But I hope to meet you at a convention one of these days. I’d say WHC in Atlanta next year, but that’s not a whole lot closer–for either of us. 🙂


  2. Love that pile of horror goodness, man! Have fun, and you’re one of the nicest, most genuinely good guys I’ve yet to meet. Hopefully, we will someday, brother…


  3. Hey Jonathan, I am right there with you on the Jack Ketchum Brian Keene fan train. I got to meet them both last month at the World Horror Con. Got to talk to Jack Ketchum quite a bit. I brought my favorite paperback by each to sign (Off Season and Ghoul). They are both way too fucking cool in real life. Hope you have a blast!
    Here’s the link (with some pics) to the blog I wrote up about it.


    1. I remember that blog post, Glenn, mainly because of the seething envy I felt while reading it. It’s always awesome, isn’t it, when your heroes turn out to be great people? I’m not a bit surprised to hear about Ketchum and Keene being so gracious and down-to-earth. They’ve both treated me better that I probably deserve, and I’m extremely happy to hear your mileage has mirrored mine. Thanks again, man, and I hope we meet in person soon!



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