Okay, deep breath…

Jack Ketchum

Just…take it easy…

Brian Keene

…and try not to—

Bryan Smith


TomMonteleoneChrisSarandonTonyToddOhMyGoshOhMyGoshOHMYGOSHHHWOULD YOU BE COOL FOR ONCE?!?!?!?!?!

*shuddering exhalation*

Sorry about that. It’s only been happening once or twice an hour, which is an 86% reduction from yesterday’s debilitating wave of fanboy attacks. By the time the convention rolls around next Friday, I’ll only be geeking out a few times a day. I’m hoping one of the attacks doesn’t occur while I’m talking to Jack Ketchum about THE GIRL NEXT DOOR, which is one of my favorite horror novels, or RED, which is another one of my favorite books, or OFF SEASON, which scared me so badly that I didn’t think he could do it to me again until I read THE WOMAN, you remember THE WOMAN? The part where you find out what’s hidden in the oh my gosh OH MY GOSH OHMYGOSHOHGOSHOGOSHHHHHH—



I guess I really do need to go back tomorrow for more treatments. The ointment they place under the electrodes really does take away some of the sting, and the buckets full of freezing water pretty much numb my facial muscles, and, well…

I hope you join me at Scares That Care. I’ll be there with copies of my six Samhain Horror novels, including my soon-to-be-released sequel CASTLE OF SORROWS. So…see you there!

(If I make it through my therapy.)

Jack Ketchum Fanboy
Jack Ketchum Fanboy

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