Brian Moreland Calls CASTLE OF SORROWS “Riveting,” “Enthralling”

If you aren’t yet reading Brian Moreland, you need to. His novels Dead of Winter and The Devil’s Woods are two of the most gripping horror yarns of the past several years, and he’s only getting better. Brian was kind enough to check out my upcoming sequel to THE SORROWS (CASTLE OF SORROWS), and he had this to say…

“Jonathan Janz writes the kind of horror I love to read—entertaining, action-packed, and best of all, scary as hell. The Sorrows and its enthralling sequel, Castle of Sorrows, are two riveting novels that blend the classic storytelling of H.P. Lovecraft with endearing characters and the break-neck pace of Dean Koontz thrillers. I’m a big fan of Janz!”

—Brian Moreland, author of Dead of Winter and The Witching House

The Return of Gabriel
The Return of Gabriel

So what are you waiting for? You can pre-order the digital or paperback version just about anywhere, but you can get the paperback here at the Samhain Horror store for half-price by entering the PAPERBACK50 code at check-out.

CASTLE OF SORROWS releases on July 1st!


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