The First EXORCIST ROAD Review: “You’ll be flying through the words and pages”

Hey, friends! My novella EXORCIST ROAD came out yesterday, and the first review is already here. Joe Hempel of Top of the Heap Reviews had this to say in his five-out-of-five star rave:

“Jonathan Janz works his magic once again by creating characters and situations you can relate to even within the realm of exorcism.”


“It’s one of those books that you’ll have to stop and catch your breath while reading. The shots from the demon are so rapid fire, and so evil, that you’ll be flying through the words and pages.”

A Demon...and a Serial Killer
A Demon…and a Serial Killer

Gotta run now, but I’ll be posting tomorrow about another five-star review that was just posted at another review site. And if you haven’t taken the plunge yet, I urge you to do so. You can purchase EXORCIST ROAD here.

Have a safe night, friends.

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