EXORCIST ROAD Chosen as The Mortuary’s Book of the Month


Howdy, friends! The excellent folks over at Dreadful Tales and The Mortuary have selected my brand-new novella EXORCIST ROAD as their September Book of the Month. Here’s the article/review about it on the Dreadful Tales website, and here’s the link to the forum thread in which the story will be examined/discussed/vivisected over the next several weeks. Here’s one of my favorite parts from the Dreadful Tales article:

“With Exorcist Road, Janz ushers in a new era of thrills and violence, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the old school paperback days. I would gladly stand this novella alongside lurid horror gems like Ketchum’s Off Season for its shock factor; the unbridled aggression of Laymon’s One Rainy Night; and the sexually charged nastiness of Tessier’s Rapture.”

One of My Very Favorite Writers
One of My Very Favorite Writers

So a big thank you to Colum McKnight for writing the above words (words that are especially humbling and exciting because of the three authors referenced), and thank you to the rest of the folks at Dreadful Tales and The Mortuary for honoring my story by making it their September read.

And if you haven’t yet picked up your copy of EXORCIST ROAD, here’s one place where you can get it. It’s also available everywhere else ebooks are sold.

Another Humbling (and Exciting) Comparison
Another Humbling (and Exciting) Comparison

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