So I wrote this novella called EXORCIST ROAD. It’s only been out for about three months now, but man is it on fire. Some Goodreads numbers for you

Seventeen five-star reviews.
Nine four-star reviews.
No three-star reviews.
A single two-star review.
No one-star reviews.

And I’m pretty sure the two-star rating happened when the user’s finger inadvertently twitched. I’m still waiting on confirmation from my covert operatives.

 Windy City Horror
Windy City Horror

Amazon tells a similar story about my novella, where there are eleven five-star reviews, six four-star reviews, and that’s it. Heading up into Canada or hopping the pond to the UK only yields more five-star reviews.

Now, I’m no statistical analyst here, but those numbers seem pretty good. Horror After Dark also just published a review of EXORCIST ROAD. And in case you need more persuasion, here it is…

“Riffing on the exorcism theme, newcomer Jonathan Janz delivers a novella that will propel him to the top of the horror field.” —Not Too Terrible Reviews

“With Exorcist Road, Janz ushers in a new era of thrills and violence, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the old school paperback days. I would gladly stand this novella alongside lurid horror gems like Ketchum’s Off Season for its shock factor; the unbridled aggression of Laymon’s One Rainy Night; and the sexually charged nastiness of Tessier’s Rapture.” —Dreadful Tales


“‘Exorcist Road’ is an extremely well-written novella that started with a bang and never relented through the entire story.” —Minneapolis Book Examiner

“It’s one of those books that you’ll have to stop and catch your breath while reading.  The shots from the demon are so rapid fire, and so evil, that you’ll be flying through the words and pages.” —Top of the Heap Reviews


*stops to catch breath*

Okay, folks, that’s enough for now. If you haven’t checked this one out yet, I really hope you do.

More Inspiration
More Inspiration

Back soon with some more exciting news.

2 thoughts on “EXORCIST ROAD Slays Readers

  1. Anyone who’s read extensively in the H/DF genre can clearly see you’ve got the chops. I am of the opinion that you are poised for World Wide Domination. Your storytelling prowess reveals a talent that not only can’t be confined by genre, but in all likelihood will redefine it. It’s okay to enjoy the accolades when you’ve earned them.


    1. Well, that’s so kind of you that I had to re-read it to make sure you weren’t being ironic. Thank you, man! I don’t know about world domination, but I’ll take as many readers as I can get. Thanks again, Jim. That was extremely kind of you. 🙂


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