I’m irrationally excited. I know I’ll make less money on $0.99 books, but truthfully, I’m more concerned about readers.

You see, I want them.

I want them all to check out these deeply discounted books because I think they’ll enjoy them. Readers have been really kind to me in their reactions to all of my stories, but these three books, particularly, have been well received. Now, SAVAGE SPECIES, DUST DEVILS, and EXORCIST ROAD can be had for less than a buck.

Pod of Horror named SAVAGE SPECIES one of the three best books of 2013. And for a limited time, it’s 99 cents.

Experience the Terror
Experience the Terror

Or DUST DEVILS? Jack Ketchum, one of the best writers in the history of living organisms, called it a “Rousing-good weird western!” And it’s 99 cents.

A Wild Vampire Western
A Wild Vampire Western

Or what about EXORCIST ROAD? About this novella Dreadful Tales says, “With Exorcist Road, Janz ushers in a new era of thrills and violence, the likes of which haven’t been seen since the old school paperback days. I would gladly stand this novella alongside lurid horror gems like Ketchum’s Off Season for its shock factor; the unbridled aggression of Laymon’s One Rainy Night; and the sexually charged nastiness of Tessier’s Rapture.” And this creepy demonic possession/mystery/serial killer story can be had for only…

Well, you know.

Folks, I hope you check these out, and just as importantly, I hope you spread the word about the sale.

Have a great night, friends!

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