THE NIGHTMARE GIRL: Reviews and Book of the Month!

You can always tell when I’m up against a deadline by the scarcity of my blog posts. Sorry about that, but the book I’m currently editing turned out to be a whopper (nearly 160,000 words), and I’ve been working like crazy to downsize it, to shape it, and of course to enhance it. It’s happening, but it ain’t easy, and it’s certainly not a quick process. But it is rewarding, and I have the promise of my next two projects to get excited about (and believe me, the projects in question are ones I’m itching to dive into).

But for now…

THE NIGHTMARE GIRL has been doing marvelously in its first month of release. Between Goodreads, Amazon, and everywhere else, it is garnering uniformly positive reviews, with not a single review below four stars, and the majority of them five stars. Here’s just one of them, courtesy of Nev Murray and the Ginger Nuts of Horror. My favorite part (though the whole thing is outstanding):

“It will scare the crap out of you repeatedly. It will make you laugh. It will give you a lump in your throat at times. You will hold your breath. It also has one of the old classic mad mental endings that will have you rushing to turn the pages.” 


As you can see above, the awesome folks over at Dreadful Tales and The Mortuary have selected THE NIGHTMARE GIRL as their February group read. If you get a chance, hop on over to their message board and join in the fun. Dark Mark, Meli, Colum, and the rest of the gang are great people, and I also happen to be partial to the book they’re discussing this month too.

Lastly, the new blog Into the Macabre has featured a couple reviews of my books over the past week: EXORCIST ROAD and THE SORROWS. Thank you to Ken McKinley for reading and reviewing my work!

That’s all for now, friends. Gotta get back to editing.

Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult
Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult



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