Horrornews Takes on THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and Ginger Nuts of Horror Honors Richard Laymon

Hey, friends. How’s that for a straightforward title? I considered typing the entire text of this post in the title, but I figured that’d be pushing it.

So first, here’s Horrornews.net’s fantastic review of THE NIGHTMARE GIRL. My favorite part?

“The Nightmare Girl is a fantastic novel that I can’t recommend highly enough. There’s a reason people in the horror fiction community are raving about this Jonathan Janz character, and this novel is a prime example. He brings a smooth writing style, never too wordy to slow you down, but with well-crafted sentences that allow the reader’s imagination to wrap them up and see for themselves. This book is scary, it’s tense, and it’s a lot of fun. I can’t help but drink the kool-aid here.”

Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult
Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult

Ginger Nuts of Horror posted a wonderful lost interview this week featuring Richard Laymon, who is one of my primary writing influences. Additionally, they included comments from Brian Keene, Richard Chizmar, many other awesome writers, and me. You can read that part here.

We miss you, Mr. Laymon.
We miss you, Mr. Laymon.

On a personal level, I’m going to get some writing time back soon. For one, my son’s basketball team (which I’ve been co-coaching) finished its season today. Secondly, my next novel (WOLF LAND) is almost ready to go to my pre-readers.

I’ll be working on the following three titles next: THE DARK GAME, THE STARS HAVE LEFT THE SKIES, and THE DISMEMBERED. I’m incredibly geeked about all three of these, but I think THE DARK GAME is going to come first. It’s a story I’m beyond excited about.

Talk to you soon, friends.

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