More Raves for THE NIGHTMARE GIRL and HorrorHound Weekend Approaches

Mornin’, all! Your old friend JJ here, comin’ atcha from my crib. One daughter’s in pre-school at the moment; my wife and son are on a mini-date (I lost any gangsta vibe with the semi-colon, didn’t I?). I’m getting ready to take my middle child (also a super incredible daughter) to my favorite bookstore, a joint called Von’s (on the campus of Purdue University). It’s surreal to walk into Von’s and find my books on an end cap display. It’s also gratifying. I used to frequent Von’s as an undergrad and dream of having my books for sale there. And now they are. So while I stop contorting my arm and distressing my rotator cuff whilst patting myself on the back, now might be a good time to mention that the awesome Tony Tremblay at Horrorworld wrote a fabulous review of THE NIGHTMARE GIRL last week. Here’s one of my favorite parts: “The characterization in the novel is to put it simply, superb. Janz goes beyond making us care about what happens to Joe, his wife, and the policeman Joe befriends…he has us actively rooting for them when the (bleep) goes down.” horrorworld As if this weren’t enough, a brand-new Pod of Horror podcast was just released (which is always cause for celebration), and as well as talking to the talented Ronald Kelly, host Mark Justice also reviewed THE NIGHTMARE GIRL. Here’s one highlight from his outstanding review: “And when the horror arrives, it shakes the rafters.”

Pod of Horror
Pod of Horror

The rest of the podcast is here, and my book is reviewed at around the fifty-one minute mark.

Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult
Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult

More good news… Each year I attend two HorrorHound Weekends: the one in Indianapolis in September and the one in Cincinnati in March. And if I’m not mistaken, it’s March, and HorrorHound Weekend is coming up in only two freaking days! If you’ve never been to one, you need to come. I’ll be signing books and meeting fans, but if that’s not enough for you, a good many cast members from THE WALKING DEAD will be there (including Mr. Norman Reedus), and too many other celebs to mention will be hanging out with fans as well. So come. You won’t regret it. HHW315-NormanReedus

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