“Jonathan Janz is one of horror’s great new writers” –SCREAM MAGAZINE

Short and quick, folks. That’s tonight’s theme.

Jonathan Reitan, writing for SCREAM MAGAZINE (a kick-bootie and crazy popular UK horror publication), just wrote an awesome review of THE NIGHTMARE GIRL, which includes gems like this:

“Janz brings true terror to the pages of NIGHTMARE GIRL with scenes that will make your skin crawl.”


And this:

“Janz builds the novel beautifully to a truly climactic and nail biting ending but not without some insanely terrifying scenes first including one in which the lead characters are in a bloody and nightmarish stand off with cult members in their place of worship, in the pitch black.”

Being a fan of the scene myself, I tend to agree with him.


The whole review can be found right here. And if you haven’t been compelled to read the novel yet, you can check it out here or anywhere else books and ebooks are sold.

Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult
Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult

Night, friends.

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