Scares That Care Is the Best Convention in the World

Was that a direct enough statement?

I’m not a veteran convention-goer, and I’m only currently doing four or so a year. Next year, I plan to add Stokercon to my list of conventions, and I’m sure it’ll rock, but folks? Scares That Care 2 was absolutely epic.

Rather than writing a novella here, I’ll give you some pictorial highlights. But before I do, let me mention a few people that aren’t pictured…

Tim Waggoner is a truly special human being (as well as an incredible writer). I’m blessed to call him a friend.

I finally got to hang out with Hunter Shea, who’s a wonderful guy and a great friend.

I am very proud of Kristopher Rufty, who conducted his first-ever reading and knocked it out of the park.

I had a blast selling books with Adam Cesare. Did I mention we sold a lot of them?

Fred Godsmark, my audiobook publisher, has become a true friend. Spending time with him was one of the high points of my weekend. The same can be said for Mark Sieber, who is just amazing and someone I wish I got to see much more than once a year. I also really dug hanging out with Jim Marshall, Tom Monteleone, Lynne Hansen, Dave Thomas, Kelli Owen, Bob Ford, Jacob Haddon, Eddie Coulter, Kyle and Justine Lybeck, Matt Blazi, Mike Lombardo, John Boden, Matt Serafini, Kevin Lucia, David Bernstein, Sandy S., Randy I-Forgot-Your-Last-Name, and, and, and—

I gotta stop. If I don’t I’ll be sleepless for the next several nights feeling bad about the people I missed. If I missed you, please forgive me. It doesn’t mean I don’t care. It just means I’m swamped (What’s new, right?).

Too many other people to mention here, so I’ll get to the pictures.

Me with Two Awesome Fans/Friends
Me with Two Awesome Fans/Friends
Ron Malfi and I
Brian Keene and Edward Lee
Brian Keene and Edward Lee
With Jeff Strand
With Jeff Strand
“The Bed of Dreams”
With Brian Keene
With Brian Keene
Corrine the Cool
Corrine the Cool
Edward Lee. EDWARD. LEE.
Kyle and Justine
Kyle and Justine
The Most Supportive Family in the World
The Most Supportive Family in the World

I’ll leave you with a few woefully inadequate thoughts/highlights:

  1. Joe Ripple is the heart behind Scares That Care. He and everyone involved deserve medals.
  2. Brian Keene is an unsung hero who makes this an incredible experience for the authors. I can’t think of anyone that successful who is so willing to help other writers succeed. Just incredible.
  3. I had the amazing opportunity to moderate a panel about book-to-movie adaptations featuring Edward Lee, F. Paul Wilson, Brian Keene, Tom Monteleone, Jeff Strand, Lynne Hansen, and Bob Ford. It was phenomenal.
  4. I read the first chapter of THE NIGHTMARE GIRL. I think it went well.
  5. I got to talk M.R. James and H.P. Lovecraft with Edward Lee. I still can’t believe that happened. Mr. Lee, by the way, was a prince of a man. I couldn’t have been more impressed.
  6. F. Paul Wilson was also extremely kind and also shared some editing tips. Yep, I’ve already begun to apply them.
  7. Tom Monteleone, Jim Marshall, Mark Sieber and I got to stare into “The Bed of Dreams” for the second year in a row. The Bed is pictured above; it contains some of the most beautiful vintage hardcover books you’ll ever see.
  8. Kelli Owen and Bob Ford are awesome people. Dining with them was a highlight.
  9. My son is reading a Jeff Strand book and loving it.
  10. I must go to bed.

Night, all. Hope you’re all doing well.

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