Early Raves for WOLF LAND

Evening! Went to HorrorHound Weekend on Saturday. Sold a boatload of books. I’m sitting next to my son right now. He’s reading a book about dumb criminals. My dog is sprawled on my feet. Life is wonderful.

Tim Potter, writing for The Horror Review, had this to say about my upcoming November release: “Jonathan Janz is a talented writer whose prose stands out among his peers in any genre and that ability is on display in Wolf Land.”


I don’t want to spoil the rest, but it’s a five-star review, as is this early review from Reclusive Reads. In it, Jon Recluse says, “Janz pulls no punches, balancing action, horror and a healthy dose of humanity like a master in this feral fiend of a tale.”

The Fury Is Coming
The Fury Is Coming

More to come, but for now you can preorder the book at Amazon or anywhere else books are sold.

Have a good night, friends!

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