Horror After Dark Takes on WOLF LAND

Hey, friends. I’m currently multi-tasking. My eight-year-old daughter is trying to insinuate herself into a bunk-together night with Mommy and Daddy, and I’m explaining why she needs to sleep in her own bed. I think I’m going to win this one, but it’ll be a near thing.

Horror_After_Dark fixed (1)

Anywho, the very cool folks over at Horror After Dark (Paul, in this case, whose reviews I always enjoy) have kindly published a review of my upcoming novel WOLF LAND. I’ll let the review (mostly) speak for itself, but here’s a quick teaser:

“This is a wonderful werewolf novel that is savage in its intensity, and unforgiving in whom it dispatches.” 

Here’s the rest.

The Fury Is Coming
The Fury Is Coming

Gotta go grade papers. You all have a great night. I’m hoping my daughter is just about out of ammunition. She’s about to pull the, “But I’ll miss you guys tomorrow, and this will give me a chance to spent time with you tonight!” card.

Steeling myself…heading into the fray…wish me luck…

2 thoughts on “Horror After Dark Takes on WOLF LAND

  1. Oh I so feel your pain (except grading papers). My 8 year old is nestled between us right here on the bed while I’m up late working. They are both snoring.

    Great review, super news! Can’t wait to get your tour started. 🙂

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