Eleven-Book Deal with Thunderstorm Books

I am pleased and proud and delighted to announce that I have signed an eleven-book limited edition deal with the amazing Thunderstorm Books. If you’re not familiar with Thunderstorm, they’re the creator of some of the most gorgeous, unique, collectible limited editions in the book business (see the pictures below for samples of their wonderful work).

As if this weren’t enough, owner/editor Paul Goblirsch has decided to give me my own line.

There’s Brian Keene’s Maelstrom.


Bryan Smith’s Bitter Ale.

Bryan Smith

And now Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side.

(There’s a typo on the site calling it Shadow Slim, which gives me a bit of a western vibe, but the line is actually called Jonathan Janz’s Shadow Side).

To say I’m honored is a massive understatement. I’ve been a fan of Thunderstorm for a long time and, honestly, have hoped that I’d have the opportunity to work with them at some point in my career. But to sign a deal like this…

It’s more than I had hoped for.

You can sign up for the books here. They promise to sell out quickly. The first title will be my debut novel THE SORROWS (featuring never-before-read scenes with special commentary).

Thank you so much, Paul, for investing so much faith and time in my work. Thank you also to Tod Clark and Kyle Lybeck for their support. And an extra-special thanks to Brian Keene. He knows why.

And thank you, friends, for reading my work. You all helped make this deal possible.


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