WOLF LAND Coming in Eight Days…in THREE Different Formats!

You might know my new novel WOLF LAND releases on November 3rd. You might know that it’ll be available in both ebook and paperback forms.

Did you also know it will be available in audiobook on the same day?

*Rick Flair WOOOOOOOO!!!!!*

ric flair woo

I mean, I don’t know who Ric Flair is. Because I never watched professional wrestling as a kid. And never screamed at the television whenever the Nature Bo—I mean, Ric Flair showed up and began ruining the day with his wooooo-ing and his double-crossing and his—


But in ten days WOLF LAND will go on your Kindle, in your hands, or inside your ears. Which means—

Did that sound gross? Like WOLF LAND is an animal that will somehow void its bladder on you? No?

Well, what if I told you the book was like that? Only instead of incontinence, it was prone to barbarity, to terrorizing the poor unsuspecting soul who picks it up? Would you still read the book?

You wouldn’t? Then it’s not. It’s very tractable. And housebroken.

Actually, it’s the opposite of that.


But I’m really pumped about the three editions of WOLF LAND, particularly the audiobook, which I didn’t even know was going to be ready until a few days ago when the awesome Fred Godsmark let me know it was almost finished.

It’s finished now. And coming to bite your face off on November 3rd.

Too aggressive?


At any rate, it’s time for me to go. I turned in a completed novel to my editor yesterday. Going to work on another one tomorrow. I can’t wait!

audio realms

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