“The Best Werewolf Novel I’ve Ever Read”

Hey, friends. Let’s get right to it. The reviews for WOLF LAND have been off-the-charts amazing, and I thought I’d share a new one tonight, this time courtesy of the Shotgun Logic review blog. One quick highlight:

“When I think of werewolves from now on, I’ll be thinking of Jonathan Janz’ werewolves. His larger than life monsters have a humanity about them that is heart-rending. The grief and pain the characters experience during the change is vivid and agonizing to behold, and the lust for sex and blood and human fear is edge of your seat, fight or flight terrifying.”


“Jonathan Janz is one of my favorite authors and WOLF LAND is the best werewolf novel I’ve ever read, bar none.”

wolf land

If you haven’t yet, you can pick up the novel in digital, print, or audiobook forms right here.

Oh, and a Happy Birthday to my beautiful wife!

Have a good night, friends, and stay safe.

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