Brian Keene on Yours Truly: “The Best of His Generation”

If you didn’t listen to Brian Keene’s THE HORROR SHOW on Thursday night, you missed a doozy of an episode. Not only did Brian and Dave discuss THE FORCE AWAKENS, BONE TOMAHAWK, and a good many other diverse subjects, but Brian also revealed his Top Ten Books of 2015. Clocking in at #9?

Joe Crawford and the Fire Cult

I’m hard-pressed to name my favorite moment of the episode, but it’s either when Brian–whom I truly believe to be the best writer of his generation–called me the best writer of my generation or when he described THE NIGHTMARE GIRL as “ROSEMARY’S BABY on meth,” which might be the catchiest tagline I’ve ever heard.


As always, the entire podcast is fantastic, so you can check it out here (THE NIGHTMARE GIRL section comes at about the 40:40 mark).


So a huge thank you to Brian for the honor, and another thank you to Dave Thomas for his kind words.

That’s all for today. Don’t forget to join me on SUNDAY night at 8:00 on Brian’s forum for a wild-and-woolly “Ask Me Anything” event.


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