My Name Is Jonathan Janz, and I’m a Horror Writer

Inspired by my friend and one of my favorite writers Brian Keene, I thought I should also write a post about who I am and where to start with my work if you’re not familiar with it.


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Jonathan Janz is the pen name for a husband/father, teacher, and author (in that order) who lives near Purdue University in an old house in an old neighborhood.

(How many notches up the pomposity scale did I rise when I referred to myself in the third person? Seven? Ten? Let’s drop it then, shall we?)

My books have been championed by the aforementioned Brian Keene, Jack Ketchum, Edward Lee, Bryan Smith, Tim Waggoner, Ronald Kelly, and a good many other incredible writers. Publishers Weekly and The Library Journal have both reviewed my work very favorably, and four of my novels have been, or are in the process of being translated into audiobooks. I recently signed an eleven-book deal (for gorgeous, limited edition hardcovers) with Thunderstorm Books; the first book in the series will be published in March. And in case any of you are from Hollywood, I’m represented by Louise Fury of The Bent Agency.

With Edward Lee


Being a writer, I want you to read my work. Where you start might depend on your taste, but here’s where I’d start if I were going to read me:

1. THE NIGHTMARE GIRL or EXORCIST ROAD: The former is a novel, the latter a novella. Both, I think, are indicative of my writing style, and both are stories of which I’m extremely proud. Both tales contain mystery, suspense, horror (obviously!), and perhaps most importantly of all, emotion.

Then you could move onto…

2. WOLF LAND or SAVAGE SPECIES or DUST DEVILS: I think of these as my “visceral cycle.” All three of these novels are violent. Sometimes shockingly so. I make no apologies for this, as I follow my characters into whatever dark realms they venture, but these aren’t the sort of novels you’d recommend to your grandmother’s knitting club. Unless they’re really, really cool grandmas and knitters.



3. From that point, I’d check out one of my ghost stories, either THE SORROWS series (comprised of two novels thus far) or HOUSE OF SKIN.

4. Or, if you’re afraid of committing to a full-length novel right away, you could check out the aforementioned EXORCIST ROAD or one of my other three novellas (THE CLEARING OF TRAVIS COBLE, OLD ORDER, or the soon-to-be re-released (with its brutally hyphenated description) WITCHING HOUR THEATRE. See the cover below.



Cool, right?

My next novel is coming in March. It’s called CHILDREN OF THE DARK and is a coming-of-age story written for adults (not unlike Brian Keene’s GHOUL or Stephen King’s THE BODY).

That’s enough for now. There’s a lot more to say and a great many cool things in the works, but for now, I’ll just say this: I hope you give my work a chance. If you do, I don’t think you’ll be disappointed.

Have an outstanding day and be good to each other.

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6 thoughts on “My Name Is Jonathan Janz, and I’m a Horror Writer

  1. Really digging your stuff. Brian Keene did his year end list so I went back and re-read The Nightmare Girl and Savage Species. Then I read Wolf Land which blew me away. That has some dark shit. After that, I was totally Jonesing for some Janz so I read Old Order and I’m about to read Bloodshot. Haven’t heard too much about that one.


    1. Hey, thank you, man! I really appreciate that. You’re right about Wolf Land being dark–probably my darkest book so far. I think you’ll really enjoy the other ones you have. To be honest, Bloodshot is the least-read of all my books, but it’s a story I really like.

      Thanks again for your kind words! 🙂


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