Horror After Dark Raves CHILDREN OF THE DARK

Yo, friends. If you’ve recovered from my wife’s blog post about Indian food and her battle against urine-colored grout, maybe you’ll be interested in this marvelous new review from Horror After Dark for my March 15th novel CHILDREN OF THE DARK (courtesy of Sinister Grin Press). Here’s one of my favorite bits:

Horror_After_Dark fixed (1)

“Mr. Janz has the ability, just like Stephen King, to make you care deeply about his characters, only to put them through the wringer shortly thereafter. This story reminded me a lot of King’s work, specifically The Body, (aka Stand By Me), and It. I cared for Will and his friends just as I cared for Beverly and Richie of the Losers Club. Unfortunately for Will and his buddies, the ending of It seems like a party compared to the fate of the kids in Children of the Dark.”


The rest of the review is just as awesome. If you haven’t preordered the novel yet, I hope you do so. The paperback will be up for preorder soon too, and man, is it gorgeous (see above…and below).

Good night, friends.


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