Reclusive Reads Compares CHILDREN OF THE DARK to…

…Dan Simmons’s SUMMER OF NIGHT. Seeing as that novel is a classic of the genre, I couldn’t be happier with the comparison. Here’s the full quote from Jon Recluse’s awesome review:

The Gorgeous Cemetery Dance 25th Anniversary Edition

“This one reminded me of Dan Simmons’ SUMMER OF NIGHT……but stripped down, built for speed….without giving up any of the horsepower. This one burns rubber, folks, and you’ll want to take it for a spin.”


Jon also gives CHILDREN OF THE DARK his “Highest Possible Recommendation.”

Have you preordered the ebook yet? If not, I hope you do. I’ll also let you know the moment the paperback goes up for preorder. Judging from the early buzz about Matthew Revert’s amazing artwork, you’re going to want a copy of one for your shelves.


Peace, friends.

2 thoughts on “Reclusive Reads Compares CHILDREN OF THE DARK to…

  1. Dear Jonathan,
    Really liked Children of the Dark with a minor reservation. Matt Molgaard gave it to me to review for The review is there with 5-stars as well as on Goodreads also with 5-stars.

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