New CHILDREN OF THE DARK Rave: “An incredible read”

Shane Keene, the guru of the Shotgun Logic book review site, has just published his review of my upcoming novel CHILDREN OF THE DARK. Did he like it? Check out these quotes…

“CHILDREN OF THE DARK is the best coming of age story I’ve read since McCammon’s BOY’S LIFE, and I can’t recommend it enough.”


And this:

“Words like excellent, outstanding, unsurpassed, etc., have been used by reviewers–myself included–so many times as to feel like tired old cliches. They also seem to have been invented for the purpose of describing the work of authors like Stephen King, Charlee Jacob, and Peter Straub. Oh, and Jonathan Janz too. I’m not exaggerating or indulging in hyperbole when I say that. I’ve said it before, and I will continue to say it. Janz rates with the best of the best in the horror community and I will continue to read everything he publishes.”


Then there’s this:


“Every book I’ve read by Janz to date has been an experience to cherish. His writing is fresh, even when he’s taking on an old trope, and his mastery of language is picture perfect, engaging, and captivating. And each time I finish one of his books I feel like I’m beaming with a satisfied glow, having just encountered something groundbreaking and entirely original.”

Needless to say, I really dug this review. The rest of it is here. Thank you, Shane, for writing it.

Have you all preordered the ebook yet? If you’re waiting for the paperback, you can order that gorgeous puppy on March 15th, the book’s release date.

Have a good night, all.

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