A Very Special Giveaway

I typed the title of this post, retyped it, cocked my head, and still can’t escape the notion that it looks like the name of a cheesy television special: THE JEFFERSONS: A VERY SPECIAL THANKSGIVING. Or A PROFOUNDLY GROOVY LOVE BOAT CHRISTMAS. But dang it, that doesn’t make the sentiment any less true.

I’ve never let folks see what I’m working on. As my writer friend Bob Ford says, you can’t let the magic out of the bottle. However, for a very special winner (that pesky very special again!), he or she will be allowed a glimpse the first fifteen thousand words of my current work-in-progress. The winner will ALSO get a free signed, inscribed paperback of his or her choice. Not bad, huh?

How to enter? Leave an Amazon review of my new novel CHILDREN OF THE DARK by April 10th.

That’s it.


It’s a brisk read, one that won’t take you ages to slog through. And I dare say you’ll find the journey worthwhile. At least, if critics and readers are to be believed.

Have a great Saturday, folks. I hope you check out my new nightmare.

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