The Library Journal and CHILDREN OF THE DARK

Howdy, friends! The Library Journal has just published an outstanding article featuring six big 2016 horror releases. Included in that lineup are Brian Keene’s PRESSURE and Joe Hill’s THE FIREMAN. The article also talks about my new novel CHILDREN OF THE DARK, calling it “a perfect choice for those missing old-school Stephen King.” Which is just about the nicest thing anyone could say about my work, especially in light of my recent blog post about how much I appreciate my favorite writer of all time.


Huge thanks to Becky Spratford for writing such an excellent article, and thanks to The Library Journal for publishing it.


Peace, friends.


8 thoughts on “The Library Journal and CHILDREN OF THE DARK

    1. Howdy, Brandi! There will indeed be a sequel to Children of the Dark.

      Since Children was a prequel of sorts to another book (Savage Species), the next novel in the series will combine those two stories into a HUGE sequel, one I’m itching to write. I’ll probably get to work on it in late 2017 or early 2018.


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