“The Ascent of Jonathan Janz”

Even though the title of this post is the name of someone else’s article, I felt a little weird typing it myself. So…yeah. Those are the writer’s–the awesome Mark Sieber’s–words, not mine. Which only makes me sort of a tool for making it the title of this post.

But Mark is far from a tool. Mark is one of the brightest and coolest people in horror. Few know the genre like he does. So for him to say the things he said in this Horror Drive-In article was incredibly humbling. And awesome.

The Horror Drive-In

My favorite parts? Here are a couple:

“I knew almost from the very start that he would be one of the big ones, and not just one of the good ones.”


“I have sort of a litmus test for horror novels. While reading one, I will ask myself if I would be interesting in reading it if there were no horrific elements to the story. In the case of Children of the Dark, the answer is a resounding yes. The youthful characters in the novel are likable and I’d be more than happy to read about them indulging in the usual proclivities of average kids.”

Here’s the whole article.

Thank you, Mark, for creating this article. It means more than you know.


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