Update City

Hey, friends. Lots happening. Here are just a few items in which you might be interested…

–Thunderstorm Books nearly sold out of the first volume (THE SORROWS) in my line (Shadow Side) before the book officially went on sale. There still might be a stray copy you can snag, so you can check right here for availability.

Shadow Side

–The SECOND book in the Shadow Side limited edition hardcover series is coming very soon. It’s called HOUSE OF SKIN, which Edward Lee called “The Quintessential Haunted House Novel” and the Library Journal likened to Peter Straub’s GHOST STORY and Shirley Jackson’s THE HAUNTING OF HILL HOUSE. I think you’ll want to grab a copy.

hill house

–The announcement hasn’t been made yet, but it looks like I’ll be in Virginia twice this year, once for my annual visit to Scares That Care (an amazing event you should attend at any cost) and again for something incredible happening in late October. More info on this soon, but you might reserve October 27th (my birthday, coincidentally).

–I’ve been working on the two best books I’ve ever done. They both represent my most ambitious undertakings to date (one a single novel, the other the first book in a major series), and I couldn’t be more excited about how they’re going. More on these soon, but here’s one of the stories that inspired one of my works-in-progress:

lord of the flies

–New reviews of CHILDREN OF THE DARK, my latest release, continue to pour in steadily. Here’s an excellent one from Dead End Follies.


–Author Tim Meyer interviewed me on his blog, and the results were pretty cool. Check it out here. Thanks to Tim for doing such an awesome job.

Much more to talk about, but several obligations call. Talk to you soon, friends!


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