HOUSE OF SKIN: Thunderstorm Edition

Some book covers make you gasp. Some make you whistle softly.

The cover for the brand-new Thunderstorm Books limited edition hardcover version of my ghost story HOUSE OF SKIN made me smile slyly and nod my head.

Because it really suits the story.


You like?

If you do, how about this: You can now read several never-before-published deleted scenes of the novel that Edward Lee called “The Quintessential Haunted House Novel” and that The Library Journal recommended for fans of Peter Straub’s Ghost Story and Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House. You can also read a brand-new intro from me that reveals a great deal about the novel…and about the genesis of my writing career.

And because I haven’t posted enough about this amazing Shadow Side line of Thunderstorm books yet, here are a few more pics to whet your appetite:




Thank you to Michael Hicks, Tod Clark, Chris Kosarich, and Duane Mincel for taking such marvelous pictures. The Sorrows special edition is sold out, folks, but I think there might still be copies available of House of Skin. I’ll post more pics of HoS soon (including the awesome bonus materials), but I’ll say goodnight for now. Peace.


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