Brand-New Fiction: “A Southern Evening”

Hey, friends. There are certain editors I really respect. One of those is Jacob Haddon, the mastermind behind the wonderful quarterly magazine Lamplight. Jacob’s publication exudes quality and professionalism and is one of my very favorites in or out of the genre, which is why I was delighted when he asked me last summer at the Scares That Care Weekend Convention if I’d be the featured author in an issue of Lamplight.

I agreed and “A Southern Evening” was born. It’s now available right here in digital format for only $2.99. Next week you’ll be able to purchase the gorgeous print version of too.


Before you read the tale, a few things…

Southern Gothic

One, this story is, in a way, an answer to my own story “The Clearing of Travis Coble.” I love both tales, but they approach their subject matter in very different ways. You don’t need to read “Travis Coble” to appreciate “A Southern Evening”–in fact, they’re completely unrelated–but if you have read “Travis Coble,” you’ll experience another layer of meaning in the new tale.


Secondly, I’ve long been a fan of Southern Gothic fiction and hope this story reflects some of that adoration. Writers like Flannery O’Connor, William Faulkner, and Tennessee Williams have long been major influences on my work, and I have a blast channeling that influence when I write.


Lastly, this novelette will likely surprise you. I reached a point in it where it was itching to go in a certain direction. Though taken aback by that direction, I nevertheless followed the story where it led me. I think those of you who’ve read my work will be surprised too, and hopefully, that’ll be a good thing.

At any rate, I hope you enjoy it. I certainly enjoyed writing it. And by grabbing this issue of Lamplight, you’ll not only get my novelette and a revealing interview with me, you’ll not only receive several other pieces of great fiction and non-fiction, but you’ll also be supporting one of the most important publications in horror.

So go check out Lamplight, Volume 4, Issue 4. I hope you enjoy “A Southern Evening.”

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