News, More News, and Carrie Fisher

Hey, friends. It’s great to see you again. I’ve blogged less this year, and I reckon that’ll continue into 2017. The bright side, however, is that I’m using that time to work on my novels.

I should start by mentioning how sad it is to lose Carrie Fisher, who when I was a child became my very first crush, and who during my adulthood became someone I admired and respected. It’s a good feeling to learn that someone whose movies you love is also a very cool person, and that’s what happened the more I learned about Carrie Fisher. But that also makes her death sadder. She was taken from us too soon, but she made a great deal of her sixty years, and she certainly impacted me.


We’ll miss you, Carrie.

Now, to the first piece of news: I’m going to be sending out my first-ever newsletter in early January!

I know that might not be exclamation mark-worthy. After all, I’m the last living author without a newsletter. But I figure it’s time, and I’m thinking it’ll be a fantastic way to keep in touch with my readers. So…keep an eye out for more information on the newsletter right here on this blog (including how to sign up!).

Second piece of news:

This website is going to look very different soon. In fact, I’d say it’ll be different enough to call it a new website. The address will stay the same, however, so one of these evenings when you drop by it’ll all look shiny and beautiful.


News Item #3:

I have a new novel coming in a few months. In March, to be precise, which’ll put it exactly a year after CHILDREN OF THE DARK. And that brings me to…

News Item #4:

CHILDREN OF THE DARK has exploded this year, and as we near the end of 2016, it’s only gaining steam. Here are a few of the year-end lists COTD has made so far:

RA for All Guide to Horror, Becky Spratford (#2 on Top Ten list)

Horror Maiden (#1 of the Year) (Steve Pattee)

Author Tim Meyer (#1 Novel of the Year)

Frank Michaels Errington, Cemetery Dance Reviewer (#1 Novel of the Year)

Tina Marie’s Book Blog (#2 of the Year)

Author Michael Patrick Hicks (#1 Book of the Year)

Author Jonathan Lees

Hardcover Edition

Okay. That’s enough for now. More news coming soon, friends. Take care and be safe!

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