The Low Budget Review Show Rates EXORCIST FALLS Six-out-of-Five!

Hey, friends. It’s nutty around the vacation home right now. The wife’s in France on a free trip. The kids and I are rocking Disney and Universal Studios.

And EXORCIST FALLS is celebrating the eve of its release. What better a way to prepare for the big day tomorrow than with a glowing, fantastic video review?


Erik Smith, the kingpin of The Low Budget Review Show, just gave EXORCIST FALLS a six-out-of-five wooden cross review, and I couldn’t be happier about it. Especially gratifying was the way he talked about the book’s mixture of characterization, twists, and body horror.

I’ll step aside now and let you watch the video. And if you’d like to preorder EXORCIST FALLS, you can do so right here. Digital and paperback versions will both be available tomorrow!

Have a great day, friends. If you need me, I’ll be zooming around Space Mountain with my little maniacs.

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