EXORCIST FALLS Slays (and Other News)

My family and I are about to eat lunch, so I’ve gotta be quick…

Firstly, the reviews for EXORCIST FALLS started off well and have switched over into out-and-out raves. Here are just a few…

The Novel Pursuit

Horror After Dark

Into the Macabre


I’ll have more news soon about EXORCIST FALLS, as well as information about a really exciting book coming later this year from one of my favorite publishers.

In other news, next week I’ll become the last author on Earth to have a newsletter. Here’s a sneak peek:

Shadow World.png

Shadow World will include exclusive content you won’t find anywhere else. I hope you subscribe.

Lastly, by this time next week, I’ll likely have a new website. There’ll still be a blog–I can’t give this darling up–but there’ll be an entirely different look and much more content.

That’s all. Gotta eat. 🙂

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